This Electric Air Pump is Sending Shock Waves Throughout the Market and Selling Out Every Week! We Reviewed One to See Why!

By Harry Wilson NOV 17, 2022
in Auto Tech

Here Are The Staggering Results...

In the last few weeks, the demand for us to review the popular XAutoPower air pump has gone off the roof. We've had our eyes on it due to the numerous positive reviews and PR it has received because of its inflation speed, PSI cap, affordable price, and versatility.

We were pumped about the prospect of it. But to remain as objective and unbiased as always, we chose to withhold judgment until our expert had given it a sweeping examination.

Now we got results...


The best appliances should be easier to use. At least, that's our belief. The real deal is offering customers an intuitive interface that is simple enough for a ten-year-old to use with a glance at the controls.

And we'll have to admit, using the XAutoPower air pump was a walk in the park. This didn't come as a surprise since it was developed by tech geniuses who believed a high-tech device should be simple to use.

Arriving within 3-business days, we had the smoothest experience after getting it charged within two hours. We plugged it in, adjusted it to our desired PSI, and hit go.

Unbelievable Inflating Speed And Ability

First, we needed to determine how fast and well XAutoPower can inflate inflatables. We have to say that it exists entirely in a separate realm with its speed and ability. Most portable air pumps barely exceeded 70 PSI and took an average of 5-8 minutes to pump a 35 PSI car tire. Then we put XAutoPower to the test.

Pumps Car Tires Twice As Fast

After switching to XAutoPower, it finished the job in about 3 minutes. That's 2 times faster than other air pumps, helping drivers waste less time getting tires to optimal pressure.

Pumps Tires of Any PSI

This was even more surprising as it couldn't only pump-up heavy-duty vehicle tires of over 80 PSI; its range is capped at 150 PSI. This signals its utility for cars of any type or model, and it does this in less than 8 minutes.

Accurate PSI Detection

Even though we've got our own PSI detector, we had to test its smart sensor to detect the current PSI and got it up to .1 of our selected pressure.

After comparing its readings with our standard detector, it turned out to be rather precise. It certifies it as an air pump that will protect your tires from over-inflation and its many risks.

Convenient And Easily Mobile

Our first impression after unboxing the XAutoPower air pump was wild. It looked so small for its alleged power that we almost misconstrued it as a power bank. And! It actually can be used as an emergency power bank!

It easily fits into every case we put it in, from a handbag to a lunch box. We put it through different scenarios to see how its portability comes in handy...

 The Cyclist's Best Friend

With a size as small as a power bank, its light weight meant this little machine added no extra drag to our bicycle. Cyclists can now have this attached without worrying about it slowing them down. Your tire deflates while cycling? XAutoPower will get it up eight times over without being a pain in the ass.

 Must-Have For Summer

It is the perfect lifesaver that comes in handy in the summer to pump up your floaties. It gets your inflatables ready to stay afloat in seconds.

 Perfect For Tents And Airbeds

Going on camps just got an extra juice. You can avoid that embarrassing moment that follows borrowing a pump for your beds and tents. Its small size fits perfectly inside your traveling boxes or handbag, ready for use at any point.

Powerful Battery And Versatility

Several traditional air pumps are known to run using car batteries. But that screams lack of adaptability; they become unusable for other inflatables. With a 6000 MAH battery, we put the XAutoPower to the test.

Pump Several Tires In A Row

Having such a strong battery meant something! We got 8 tires pumped one after the other without it going off. Consequently, you can ensure your tires' safety wherever you go.

Power Up Your Mobile Devices

Thanks to its USB port, your late-night journeys can continue without fear. You can charge your mobiles without worrying about them going off suddenly.

Emergency LED Flashlight

In the unlikely event that our car broke down in the middle of the night and our phone batteries ran out, the XAutoPower air pump came with a safety LED flashlight. This is still powered by its reliable battery, lighting up your environs and making you feel secure while pumping up your tires.

24/7 Customer Support...

XAutoPower offers round-the-clock customer service for all customers, which is above and beyond what most companies are able to deliver. In addition, they have a CAST-IRON money-back guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied, you can send the device back within 30 days for a full, no-fuss refund. We really value service like this for our readers.

Where To Buy...

No other electric air pump we tested was able to match XAutoPower on inflation speed, PSI cap, versatility... or price! In our opinion, this is a no-brainer and a key reason why XAutoPower gets our top marks.

Currently, XAutoPower is running a limited 50% discount on their website which has resulted in an incredible rise in demand.

To take advantage of their special offer while stock is still available, visit their official website, and say goodbye to tire inflation issues today.


Elphine Darcel

I got this to use on my motorcycle to easily check air pressure and adjust as needed. This works perfectly! It also fits in the space under my seat next to the battery, so I can always have it with me. I plan to get more for each vehicle.

Ashutosh Nirala

I like how it is easy to use and make it a lot better to put air in my bike and it shows when you attach the part on the tire how much air you have at in the tire so you can get to you level of air pressure.

Tracey Mahoney

I have owned this air pump for a few months now, love it! I got for my ebike, it can top off both tires in under a minute 40-45 p.s.i., so, tossing the hand pump, and.... the gauge is way more accurate too. Very happy with purchase!

T. Knox

After fully charging I topped off my wife's car tires. All 4 were 4 lbs down each. The display showed existing pressure and auto stopped at preset pressure. I then checked with a digital tire pressure gauge and all were accurate.

Nate Rose

This product is perfectly sized for your vehicle, it fits nicely under your seat or glove compartment. It works great and is very easy to understand and use.

Ronald Chapman

I've used a few different ones. I like that this one can just stand if the valve is on the ground vs just laying it on the concrete for car tires. Simple and easy to use.

John Carlo Santos

This air pump is a must have, it works great on the motorcycle and the car, I frequently air up my motorcycle tires and this pump is fast and accurate. Recommend.

1 Std.LikeReply
Felicia Sandoval

Very easy to inflate the car tire to the correct pressure. The pump works smoothly and turns off automatically when the set pressure has been reached.

1 Std.LikeReply
Eric Capri

This is a lifesaver product. Being able to fill up your car tires anywhere on the road is of such great value. Plus with the USB charger, you can even charge it from your car battery. 

1 Std.LikeReply
Rabia Khan

If you have a full sized compressor in the garage, this is needed for emergencies when you are not at home or even when the power is out. Every car should have one of these and this would be an excellent item for a new driver as well. 

2 Std.LikeReply
Dr. Ken

Super Portable: I know that this is listed as "portable" and "travel-friendly"... but I was honestly surprised to find how small this unit is. You can easily store it in the glove box or in some other little cubby hole in your car.

2 Std.LikeReply
M. Adams

It's a compact and convenient little lightweight tool for people driving, biking, even motorcycles, so you never get caught with a flat... even a soccer coach could use this one. It comes with all the attachments you need to pretty much inflate anything...

3 Std.LikeReply
Leah Won

This little thing is so stinking handy!! I am one of those people that is always dreading to find a gas station with a working air pump when my tire pressure drops. I just hate the process. It makes me feel so much better to have this on hand to air up to easily fill up and just go, in the moment.

4 Std.LikeReply
Misty Faucheux

Extremely easy to use and works great. I can even plug it in the car charger which is also a bonus because I'll never have to worry about having to pay for air or wondering if I have enough air in my tires. Everyone needs one of these in their car.

4 Std.LikeReply
Katherine Ruggles

I was surprised and impressed with the amount of the power it is, how quiet it is, and how long the battery last. It takes to time to add air on the car tires and my own tractor. Lastly, the portable pump P.S.I. gauge is accurate to my manual tire gauge.

6 Std.LikeReply
Krinjal Jain

It's a pretty handy tool to use and it's worth its price. It can be set up quickly to measure tire pressure. Inflation takes only 30 seconds and is quick.

6 Std.LikeReply

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